At Compass Community Health Care Center (CCHCC), we believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care.

We are a primary care, family practice of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and referral specialists who have lifelong connections in our community, and who are dedicated to helping you get the health care services you need. We offer extended hours to fit your schedule, same day and next day appointments, a transportation shuttle for our patients who may have trouble getting to their doctor’s appointments, and coordinated care where outside appointments and information is organized and communicated to patients, so they can achieve the best health possible.

Compass Community Health wants to keep you connected to health services, and we believe maintaining good health is about balancing a comprehensive, proactive approach focusing on caring for your mind, body, and spirit.

Our Mission

To provide access to quality healthcare to all members of our community.

We will improve the health of our community members by providing a medical home offering superb access to quality, coordinated, primary health care. We will build beneficial, healing relationships with patients and their families through compassionate care, education, support and a commitment to quality, improving their health and staying connected to them throughout their lives; regardless of sex, race, social or cultural position and/or the ability to pay.

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