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Meet the New Director of Occupational Therapy Brian Stephenson

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Brian Stephenson is the new Director of Occupational Therapy at Compass Community Health Care Center. He holds his Masters in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors of Science from Shawnee State University. As a graduate of Wheelersburg High School with many local ties, Brian is committed to helping his community.

For this week’s #LiveWellWednesday, let’s get to know Brian a little better and learn about his plan for the Compass Occupational Therapy Program.

Brian, tell us a little about why you decided to become an occupational therapist.

“From a very early age, I have always been interested in helping others, and caring for others.  Being an occupational therapist gives me that opportunity to assist in the growth and development in an individual’s daily life.  Being able to develop relationships with individuals, and collaborating with them to develop skills and become more independent is a very enjoyable and rewarding part of being an occupational therapist.”

What are your plans for the program?

“I look forward to helping this program grow from what it has already become, which is a staple in the community in an effort to assist children and their families live and lead more independent lifestyles, despite any difficulties they may face.  A very good team is already in place, and I believe that this program can grow and spread to other areas as well, in hopes to reach out to a variety of individuals who may need services.  Continued growth and development of the program, while providing top-level care and education to our families is a primary goal for the future.”

What do you feel is most rewarding about interacting with children?

“There are numerous instances in which interacting with children can be rewarding.  Simply being in the presence of these children, and being able to witness their joy of daily life can be very contagious.  Participating in therapeutic activities with children is rewarding in itself, but seeing a child smile after they accomplish something for the first time, independently, and knowing that you played a part in that, there is no greater reward.”

What are some challenges that families are facing that the Compass Pediatric OT program can help with?

“Compass Pediatric OT can assist families in a variety of ways.  Many of our families may face hardships in daily life when assisting children with developmental disabilities.  With help from out staff, we hope to assist these families in finding ways to promote independence and improve quality of life for the entire family.  Whether it may be strategies to assist children in daily tasks that involve improving gross and fine motor skills, or increasing interaction and communication, our staff can provide the necessary assistance for both the child and the family.”

“Our families may also have children that experience sensory processing difficulties, which, at times can be very difficult to understand and also address.  Not only do we strve to help address the needs of the child by providing sensory strategies, but we also focus on educating the families about therapeutic activites and home programs to assist with their needs.”

For more information about the Compass Pediatric Occupational Therapy Program please contact our office at 740-351-7102.

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