Live Well Wednesday

Ask the Experts– What’s the best way to stay hydrated in the summer?

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At Compass Community Health Care Center we are dedicated to providing the best health care possible. We are listening to our patients, families, and community with their health concerns and questions. Watch for #LiveWellWednesday posts each Wednesday, which focus on giving you the information and tips you need to understand current health care concerns and topics.

During the month of July we will be focusing on a new summertime weekly topic that addresses important seasonal issues.  Be sure and check back each Wednesday in July to get helpful information and tips from the Compass Community Health Care Center providers on keeping yourself, and your family healthy all summer long.

This week we asked our providers at Compass Community Health Care Center…

“What do you do to keep yourself and your family hydrated during these hot summer days?”

Megan Whisman, FNP: “A few good tips to keep hydrated on hot summer days for my family is flavored ice cubes and fruit smoothies consisting of fruits high in water and yogurt.  Staying hydrated through what we eat is also important, watermelon is one of our big go to fruits.  And last but not least are homemade popsicles, our favorite summertime treat!”

Ryan Carpenter, FNP-BC: “Our family hiked through Death Valley last year and used hydration backpacks filled with water and frozen bottles of water.  I noticed that when water was readily available that my family stayed well hydrated.  Here’s an example of the hydration pack we used.”

hydration pack

For additional information on this topic, or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please contact our office at 740-351-7102.

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