CRITICAL ALERT: Calling All Advocates!


In the past few days, and even hours, there have been substantial changes within the healthcare arena. Due to the fast moving nature of both the state and federal legislative bodies, it’s critical that our advocates take the few short minutes required to respond to both Calls to Action below.

Multi WHT

The state budget is close to being decided upon and it’s not pretty. In its current state, the budget calls for a freeze on enrollment of the expanded group come July 1, 2018. This means, no new enrollees into the expanded category after said date, even if they would have qualified prior. Furthermore, new requirements for the program would exclude unemployed individuals actively seeking work and those seeking addiction treatment services but on waitlists from gaining access to affordable coverage. It’s critical that you take action and alert your state legislators about the dangers of the proposed budget TODAY!

Contact your state legislators today

On the federal side, the newest version of the AHCA has been released and, again, it’s not looking good. The plans, at present, are to phase out expansion dollars within four years and capping the amount of money states would receive per Medicaid enrollee. This would mean upwards of one million Ohioans, alone, being cut from the program. Again, it’s critically important advocates take the time to alert Senators Brown and Portman of the danger millions will face if the bill is enacted in its current form.

Click here now to send a strong health center message to Senators Brown and Portman today! 

Again, we need “All Hands on Deck” responding to these alerts if we are going to effectively fight for the right that no one goes without coverage or so that no one has to make the decision to feed their family over filling prescriptions for their chronic illnesses. Please share with your friends and family and ask for their support. And don’t forget to ask yourselves, “What happens tomorrow when millions of Ohioans lose their coverage.”


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