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The New Era of Pharmacy

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At Compass Community Health Care Center we are dedicated to providing the best health care possible. We are listening to our patients, families, and community with their health concerns and questions. Watch for #LiveWellWednesday posts each Wednesday, which focus on giving you the information and tips you need to understand current health care concerns and topics.

Today’s topic is The New Era of Pharmacy by Andy Pierron, Compass Community Health Care Center Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy Services.

Healthcare is a hot topic in our current daily lives, and this definitely includes the world of pharmacy.  Legislators are working to take steps and make decisions that will affect each one of our futures.  Doing  some research and gaining knowledge on each piece of the healthcare puzzle can help you understand what all this means to YOU.

Historically, the profession of pharmacy is known to be one of the most accessible professions in healthcare. The tremendous consumption of pharmaceuticals nationally and the development of electronic medical records and prescription processing has completely changed the daily job of the pharmacist.

To the eye of the consumer, pharmacy business has never been better.  However, the tremendous amount of money involved has caused insurances to reduce reimbursement, to reduce accessibility to coverage, and to steer therapy in order to control costs.   The result is an overly complex process, poor compliance, and a very confused consumer.   And, the opioid epidemic and the amount of overdoses now makes (and with good reason) the consumer more weary than ever.

As we forget that basic medications such as aspirin, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, and diabetic medications improve the quality of life and save lives, medical costs for open heart surgery, strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure soar.

Now Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances are taking a second look.  Recognizing that a covered member walking into a pharmacy doesn’t cost near as much as when the member is taken into an emergency room.  Capitalizing on the accessible profession of pharmacy, these insurances are now paying pharmacies to provide extensive consultation services including monitoring of compliance, drug interactions, and even paying pharmacist to provide more practical management of blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

For you the consumer, patient, and customer, this is an opportunity to better educate yourself, to better inform yourself, and to better guide yourself to good health.  The World Wide Web can be a web of misinformation and information without perspective, don’t take what you read as the same expertise you would receive from your provider.  Asking your pharmacist questions and following your prescriber’s medical recommendations is good medicine!

For additional information on this topic or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please contact our office 740-355-7102.
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