Live Well Wednesday

Enjoying the Summer Holiday

Tom M

At Compass Community Health Care Center we are dedicated to providing the best health care possible. We are listening to our patients, families, and community with their health concerns and questions. Watch for #LiveWellWednesday posts each Wednesday afternoon, which focuses on giving you the information and tips you need to understand current health care concerns and topics.

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we have been highlighting ways to help keep you on the path to good mental health, all this month during our #LiveWellWednesday posts. Today concludes our series on mental health information from Tom Marsh, Compass Community Health Care Center Behavioral Health Counselor.

Summer is upon us and most people experience enjoyment related to vacations, travel, outdoor activities of all sorts, sunny days and holidays.   Most folks notice an improvement in their mood and sense of well-being related to the longer days of summer.

However, summer can also be a season of hazards.  Over exposure to the sun, dehydration, and accidental drowning are all risks associated with summer activities.  The usual summer advice applies when related to making sure to be safe in outdoor activities- drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen, and wearing safety equipment, like life jackets on the water.  Always remember to be safe, while enjoying your favorite summer activities.

Here are some ways you can keep yourself and your family focused and able to get the most enjoyment out of your summer:

Choose quality over quantity.  Most of us have a long list of things we want to accomplish over the summer.  Choose to focus on tasks and activities that are achievable, then stay focused.   These things will lead to greater satisfaction, without disappointing ourselves by looking at what we did not get done.

Savor the little moments.  There are opportunities to enjoy little things like scenic views,  an outdoor concert or play, spending time with people we care about, watching a child play, making a phone call to someone we haven’t spoken to, talking to your neighbor-more than just saying hello while coming and going.

Take good care of ourselves.  Go to bed at the same time every night, if possible, take a walk or hike some place you are not familiar with, eat seasonal vegetables and fruits, and start planning your next vacation now.

Little things can make a big difference when we slow down, step out of our routines and take care of ourselves.  Remember to relax and enjoy each moment to provide the best possible healthy experience.

For additional information on this topic or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please contact our office at 740-355-7102.
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