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Fish Oil Supplements and Depression

At Compass Community Health Care Center we are dedicated to providing the best health care possible. We are listening to our patients, families, and community with their health concerns and questions. Watch for #LiveWellWednesday posts each Wednesday afternoon, which focuses on giving you the information and tips you need to understand current health care concerns and topics.

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we will be highlighting ways to help keep you on the path to good mental health, all this month during our #LiveWellWednesday posts. Be sure to check back each Wednesday in May for more information from Tom Marsh, Compass Community Health Care Center Behavioral Health Counselor.

There is a product out there called “Jogging in a Jug” which is a vinegar and fruit drink concoction which is meant to give a person all the metabolic benefits of aerobic exercise without doing the work. We all want an easier, softer way to improve well-being; this product is not that way.  In fact, there tends to be very little we can do in terms of quick fixes and short cuts that can help us to achieve better well-being.  Most of the common advice about proper diet, rest, exercise, drinking water, pursuing balance in your life is still the best advice to maintaining good mental and physical health.  However, a recent article in an online journal, Psychiatry Adviser, offers one thing we can all do that will assist in battling depression.

The use of dietary supplementation with fish oil has been found to improve outcomes in people being treated for depression.  Using 2-3 capsules per day has been found to bring hormonal balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.  It is a bit complicated to explain, and you can visit the article here for a more detailed explanation, but what it comes down to is that our diets tend to be too high in Omega 6 fatty acids due to the consumption of meat and oils like soybean oil found in many salad dressings and other processed foods.   While we need some Omega 6 excessive consumption is associated with increased inflammation response and depression.  Consuming fish oil introduces additional Omega 3 fatty acids which balance out these two essential fats.  In addition, try to limit the amount of Omega 6 by eating less meat while using olive oil and canola oil for cooking.  (Olive and canola oils are low in Omega 6).

The field of mental health treatment usually focuses on the use of medications and secondary prevention.   Fish oil is commonly available over the counter and by prescription.  Using fish oil is one of the few simple shortcuts available that will improve well-being.

For additional information on this topic or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please contact our office at 740-355-7102.
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