Day Three Recap and Homeward Bound

Friday was a day jam-packed with learning opportunities. The day saw the Compass group separating into various sessions to learn from experts on a range of subjects from congressional updates, to finance, and more. It also allowed them the chance to meet with NACHC members, not just from Ohio, but from all across the United States. This allowed for networking and exchanging of ideas on how to improve operations. During the ‘General Session’, Compass sat in on a presentation given by Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, President of Life Planning Partners, Inc. and Forbes Contributor, and James Macrae, Acting Administrator of HRSA. There they discussed federal updates and what to expect from congress in the coming months, in terms of healthcare reform.

AM Session
‘Repeal, Replace, Repair, Revise, Rebrand? An Up-to-the-Minute Look at Health Policy Developments in DC and Nationwide’

Friday was also the day where Compass members had the chance to meet with vendors and discuss products and services that could assist in daily operations. It was a chance to see some old faces from previous OACHC vendor exhibits, as well as meet new sales representatives from all over the country.

Saturday, the last day of the conference, saw the Compass delegation partaking in extra educational sessions. Topics included governance, social media and compliance, and how to prepare for National Health Center Week.

Saturday Session
‘Getting the Most Out of National Health Care Center Week 2017’

With all of the knowledge gained over the past week, Compass looks forward to sharing what they’ve learned with the team back home and utilizing said knowledge to better serve the patients of Southern Ohio.

This has been a great, educational experience and has given us the opportunity to remind Ohio’s congressman and senators of the great work being done by community health care centers, especially in Southern Ohio. And, while the team may be headed back home, that doesn’t mean the advocacy stays in D.C. The healthcare discussion is far from over and, if we are to ensure that every citizen of Ohio has access to affordable, quality healthcare, we need to make sure our politicians hear from us. So don’t forget to sign up as a health center advocate. And be on the lookout for advocacy updates and ways you can make sure you have a say in the healthcare discussion.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and for your continued support.



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