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Day Two Recap – A Little More Coffee, A Smidge More Politics, and a Whole Lot of Advocating

To start the day, Beth and Samantha joined other NACHC Policy and Issues Forum first-timers, including Dr. Aaron Clark, CMO of PrimaryOne Health, in meeting Senator Sherrod Brown at his constituent coffee. They had the opportunity to thank Senator Brown for his attendance at October’s round table discussion with The Counseling Center and to thank him for his continued support of CHCs. They also had the pleasure of speaking with his legislative director, Jeremy Hekhuis, further detailing the need for support behind Ohio’s CHCs.

At the same time, Todd and Summer were back at the conference hall attending a session regarding health center operations. They spent time learning how Compass can continue, deliver, and expand its current services.

The Compass group then reconvened with other Ohio FQHC delegates to meet with Representative Brad Wenstrup. It was asked of Rep. Wenstrup to support continued health center grant funding, workforce initiative funding, and Medicaid expansion. Rep. Wenstrup was very open to the discussion and spoke of his support for CHCs.

OACHC Wenstrup Hill

#FunFact: Dr. Wenstrup once served as a board member of a Cincinnati-area CHC.

Next, the Ohio group met with Senator Brown’s aide, Abigail Duggan, to ask the same support from the senator. Ms. Duggan assured the group that Sen. Brown was a big supporter of CHCs and that he would do what he could to assure we have the needed resources so we can continue to deliver high quality care to the citizens of Ohio.

To wrap up the day, the group met with Jack Dolan, aide to Senator Rob Portman. Again, the three asks of grant funding, workforce initiative funding, and Medicaid expansion support were brought to the forefront of the conversation, with Summer leading the charge. Mr. Dolan assured us that CHCs had Sen. Portman’s support, especially in terms of how they have been one of the biggest responders to the opioid epidemic.

OACHC Portman Hill

Friday will see the Compass group breaking into various educational sessions. Topics include finance, compliance, advocacy, and a plethora of others. Stay tuned for summaries from tomorrow’s sessions. In the meantime, make sure you sign up to be a health center advocate.

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