NACHC’s Call to Action – Sign by March 31st to Show Support for Your Community Health Center (CHC)

Call to Action

Hello Advocates, please read this guest post by Amanda Pears Kelly.

The Health Centers Funding “Dear Colleague” Letters are now circulating – Senators Wicker (R-MS) and Stabenow (D-MI) and Representatives Bilirakis (R-FL) and Green (D-TX) have once again stepped up to lead this important effort to publicly support health center funding in the year ahead – fiscal year 2018.  Contact your Members of Congress TODAY to request that they co-sign the Wicker-Stabenow Health Centers Letter in the Senate, or the Bilirakis-Green Health Centers Letter in the House.

By signing on to the letters, members of Congress publicly show their support for health centers and continued funding for the Health Centers Program. The number of signatures on each letter will influence how successful we are in securing funding for health centers in FY2018.

TAKE ACTION: Click BOTH the link for the House letter AND the Senate letter, to email, tweet, post and/or call your members of Congress – these actions will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

National Call In Day Reminder: Get ready to participate in this year’s National Call-In Day this Thursday, March 30th to ask your members of Congress to co-sign the Health Centers Letter and demonstrate their support for health center funding. Make a plan to call your members of Congress to make your request and share why you value community health centers. To call your House member, click here. To call your Senator, click here.

#ValueCHCs Social Media Campaign: Speaking of value, we encourage you to share why you #valueCHCs on social media. Our social media campaign has already made over a million impressions on Twitter. Get involved and participate in this great opportunity for the Health Center Advocacy Network to share the value and importance of health centers with their members of Congress! This is a great way for advocates back home to take action this week during the 2017 NACHC Policy & Issues Forum. Post images on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #valueCHCs to share the ways in which you and your community #valueCHCs.  Learn more here.

For more information, the latest list of letter co-signers, and to access copies of both the Bilirakis-Green and the Wicker-Stabenow Appropriations Letter please visit hcadvocacy.org.

As always, if you have questions or need any additional information please email grassroots@nachc.com. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Health Center Advocacy and for taking action to support health centers and the patients they serve!

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